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Family Owned

We are a family-owned earthmoving business based in Perth Hills. Our company has been servicing the community, from Bullsbrook to Byford, for over 15 years. We have expert knowledge in this field which allows us to bring your project to life in the most effective way.

Locally Sourced

Servicing the Perth Hills area allows us to source local, high-quality products. We ensure that all of the materials we use will provide you with your desired end result.

Driving Costs Down

Using site materials for diverse applications allows us to keep your project cost down, without sacrificing the quality. The result is a finished product that we’re proud of and that you can afford.


We provide general earthmoving services for residential and commercial locations.

Earth moving


Keep Dust down with our profilings constructed Driveways

Driveway profiling
Driveway profiling
Driveway profiling
Driveway profiling

Site Preparation and Excavation

Everything from grading, trenching and more. Our team will ensure that your location is ready to go with whatever services you need.

Sand Pads

Years of experience allow us to provide you with a stable, level sand pad that will be the perfect base for your home, shed or other building.

Land and Block Clearing

We have all of the equipment needed to completely clear your location. Trees, stumps and anything else stopping your construction project will be completely gone when our team is through.

Gravel Driveways

With an emphasis on red rock driveways, we can transform your location in no time. Our range of materials allows you to customise your driveway how you’d like.

Rock Breaking

If large rocks are impeding your project’s progress, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help. Black Dog Earthmoving is capable of breaking and hauling any rock on your property, no matter the size or composition.

Retaining Walls

Built to contain soil or other materials, our custom retaining walls make your space accessible and organised.

Landscaping Services

Allow us to beautify your property. Utilising our earthmoving equipment, we can tackle any landscaping project and produce a beautiful outcome.

Rock, Gravel and Sand Supplies

For quality supplies you can afford, we offer construction supplies for your project.

Performing any earthmoving project, big or small.

Block clearing





Rock retaining

Sand pads


Hi Cameron, I received a phone call on Friday from our builder, (straight away I thought "what now"!). But was well relieved when I heard what she had to say. She was informing me that there will be progress starting this week and that she had received photos and an email from the site manager saying that this was the best owner site works he has come across, very neat, clean and everything was spot on, the earthworks guys did a fantastic job. So I just wanted to forward this on to you, it was a long dragged out job with many ups and downs but thanks to you and Steve you have done a fantastic job, well recommended. Many Thanks.